infinite automaton

infinite automaton
бесконечный автомат
автомат со счётным множеством внутренних состояний. К бесконечным автоматам относится, в частности, машина Тьюринга

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  • ω-automaton — In automata theory, a branch of theoretical computer science, an ω automaton (or stream automaton) is a deterministic or nondeterministic automaton that runs on infinite, rather than finite, strings as input. Since ω automata do not stop, they… …   Wikipedia

  • Büchi automaton — A Büchi automaton is the extension of a finite state automaton to infinite inputs. It accepts an infinite input sequence iff there exists a run of the automaton (in case of a deterministic automaton, there is exactly one possible run) which… …   Wikipedia

  • Cellular automaton — A cellular automaton (plural: cellular automata) is a discrete model studied in computability theory, mathematics, theoretical biology and microstructure modeling. It consists of a regular grid of cells , each in one of a finite number of states …   Wikipedia

  • Complementation of Büchi automaton — In automata theory, complementation of a Büchi automaton is construction of another Büchi automaton that recognizes complement of the ω regular language recognized by the given Büchi automaton. Existence of algorithms for this construction proves …   Wikipedia

  • Rabin automaton — Aside from the definition given below, a Rabin automaton may also refer to a type of probabilistic automaton. In mathematics, a Rabin automaton is one of the many types of finite automata on infinite strings. It is of the form mathcal{A} = (Q,… …   Wikipedia

  • Streett automaton — A Streett automaton is one of the many types of finite automata on infinite strings. It is of the form mathcal{A} = (Q, Sigma, q 0, delta, Omega) where Q, q 0 and Sigma are defined as for Büchi automata. delta: Q imes Sigma ightarrow Q is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Muller automaton — In automata theory, a Muller automaton is a type of an ω automaton. The acceptance condition separates a Muller automomaton from other ω automata. The Muller automata is defined using Muller acceptance condition, i.e. the set of all states… …   Wikipedia

  • Parity automaton — A parity automaton is a variant of a finite state automaton that accepts infinite inputs. Unlike usual finite state automata, there is no set of final states; instead, each state is assigned a natural number. It accepts an infinite input sequence …   Wikipedia

  • Garden of Eden (cellular automaton) — An orphan pattern in Conway s Game of Life, discovered by R. Banks in 1971.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Deterministic pushdown automaton — In automata theory, a pushdown automaton is a finite automaton with an additional stack of symbols; its transitions can take the top symbol on the stack and depend on its value, and they can add new top symbols to the stack. A deterministic… …   Wikipedia

  • Tree walking automaton — A tree walking automaton (TWA) is a type of finite automaton that deals with tree structures rather than strings.The following article deals with tree walking automata. For a different notion of tree automaton, closely related to regular tree… …   Wikipedia

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